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Jul 4
Jul 4

Naruto 592
- looks like sasuke has a realization/epiphany of some kind (yay!)
- juugo and suigetsu!!
- madara is not amused and could care less about the people fighting him
- “the time has come…” if that isn’t ominous, i don’t know what is
- orochimaru is still alive? gah!

Bleach 499
- ichigo ends up becoming trapped in some kind of force field…really? we all know that he is eventually going to get free by uraraha, rukia or himself

One Piece 673
- i just love how luffy is happy reguardless of the situation
- interesting that out of all people, donquixote is the one responsible

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 392
- it is a bit annoying how the female characters other than Chrome are left out most of the time…oh well
- tsuna in his boss mode is awesome
- awww enma is so cute XD
- the vindice’s real forms are creepy


Sawada Tsunayoshi: Boss of Bosses


Sawada Tsunayoshi: Boss of Bosses

Naruto 591

- in one sense, sasuke lost his brother again….gah, no why did itachi have to leave?
- of course we’re left with sasuke beginning to say “I’m…” and then they switch over to the other guys before he finished…WHY DID YOU DO THAT, Kishimoto?!
- tsunade meeting dan again….;_;

Bleach 498

- happy to see urahara again
- kind of surprised to see ichigo overpowering the quincy guy so easily
- interesting that the quincies seem to be afraid of the shinigami’s powers
- now ichigo is off to save the shinigami…again

One Piece 672

- damn i think i may have underestimated caesar’s powers
- introduced to welgo/virgo guy who seems to know law - interested in seeing what his role will be
- kinemon’s flame cutting technique is awesome

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 391

- tsuna is becoming more and more like a mafia boss…so cool
- gokudera and yamato telling tsuna how they’re family
- loved how everyone has gatherfed at tsuna’s house…i’m just waiting for tsuna’s mother to be like ‘Who are all these people?’ lol

Bleach 497

rangiku’s haircut is cute
kind of love how mayuri is only concerned about finishing his research lol
shunsui, are you blind now?

so let me get this straight, their bankai have been stolen and then they figure that they should just call ichigo to come and save the day? im pretty sure that you guys can still put up a good fight without your special abilities…case in point, kenpachi

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 390

"I’m not going to let you die!"

Tsuna is awesome in this chapter. ‘Nuff said.

Jun 7
Jun 6

Naruto 589

I really like Sasuke after reading this chapter. Yeah, there will always be people who don’t like certain characters in fandoms but I guess I’m just getting tired of seeing all this bashing about Sasuke and I’m sure there will be some after they read this chapter. Oh well.

The most memorable thing about this chapter was what Sasuke said to Itachi and then to have
Itachi reaching out towards Sasuke at the end of the chapter…ugh, so many emotions…

Itachi must have something in mind…but what?!

Bleach 495

Damn, people are dying left and right. Thus, begs the question will any more of the main characters (soul society, too) die? It’s hard to say. I mean I could really see it happening since the enemy is so strong but then again you never know.

Yay, Renji, Toshiro, and Byakuya! XD

One Piece 670

Who knew slime could be so dangerous? Anyways, awesome chapter like always. Luffy’s reaction to seeing Tashigi and Smoker were priceless.

Luffy vs Caser! (hopefully..)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 388

Reading this chapter again, I’ve realized how much Tsuna’s character has changed from the beginning of the series. It was really evident when Reborn told Tsuna that he couldn’t defeat him or change the Arcobaleno’s fate of becoming the Vindice.

Still leaves us with a lot of questions. I mean do the Arcobalenos really have to die? Ugh. It’s making me depressed.

May 1

whaat i thought it was golden week or something! oh well, here’s my thoughts on last week’s manga releases

Naruto 584
- orochimaru, you still freak me out
- i know i’m supposed to feel sorry for kabuto but i don’t
- i wanna see more of the uchida bros vs kabuto

Bleach 490
- glad to see more urahara in this chapter
- so the enemies know about ishida - makes sense cause they’re quincy
- i’m worried about how ishida will play a role in the upcoming chapters
- the vandenreich are pretty strong (from what we’ve seen so far) so it will be interesting to see how the soul society will handle them

One Piece 665
- franky as chopper is hilarious
- drugging kids so they can’t leave the facility and go beserk…that’s messed up

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 383
- chrome is awesome…nuff said


team reborns newest member chrome!


team reborns newest member chrome!

Bleach 489

- the main antagonist reminds me a lot of zangetsu
- nice to see rangiku and kira again
- mayuri is crazy
- i’m interested in learning what happened 1000 years ago and how yamamoto is involved

One Piece 664

- still can’t over how weird it is to see tashigi as smoker lol
- luffy falling asleep while brownbeard is talking XD
- the clown guy, casear looks kind of cool

Naruto 583

- more kabuto flashbacks…kind of a “meh” chapter for me
- the part where kabuto’s mother didn’t recognize him was sad though

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 382

- the Vindice are crazy strong
- wait, fran is a female? i always thought it was a guy!
- chrome is joing the fight!